Send Sms To Mobilink Mobile
send sms to mobilink
Instructions: Mobilink's Internet Chat helps you chat with your Mobilink friends and Mobilink family via SMS. No need to worry that you are offline on Mobilink network, just ask your Mobilink friends to use Internet chat to get in touch with you. This Mobilink service allows you to reply to the message by using your Mobilink mobile phone. Please follow the instructions given below to start chatting with your Mobilink friends: Make sure you tell all your Mobilink friends and Mobilink family around the world to get in touch with you through Mobilink's convenient and affordable mode of communication.
To send a message: There will be no charges for the Web User.

- Select a nick [Mobilink Screen-Name, Mobilink User ID
- up to 10 alphanumeric characters]
- Specify the Mobilink mobile number of intended recipient
- Enter a message and click the send button
- A single message will be comprised of up to 143 characters in length
- The Mobilink recipient would be forwarded the message sent by the Web 2 SMS user only upon accepting the request to get into the conversation. If the Mobilink mobile user declines, the mobilink Web 2 SMS user’s message is NOT forwarded to mobile subscriber

If your browser does not support Mobilink applet, Click Here to download JVM for Mobilink chat.